We played basketball in PE, followed by guitar. We had a sub in the guitar class. He didn’t say anything or knew anything about music so we just did what we wanted to do. The fire alarm went off too, but it was just a drill!

In Am Lit class we finished a poster about transcendentalism. That’s the unit we’ve been doing for a while now. So we chose one quote from all the short stories we’ve read. My quote was:

”Why should we live in such a hurry, and waste life?”

-Henry David Thoreau

We wrote two paragraphs about it and chose an image that matched with it! My image was this one:


For lunch we went to a bagel place 🙂 And after that I had a test in Health! But it was pretty easy. A lot of multiple choice questions and some writing questions.

After school I went to King soopers (grocery store) to buy something before the game! I had more than an hour to spend in school. On the way there I talked to my coordinator, she has to speak to me like every month so today was that day!

We played Longmont. Last time we played against them we lost by a lot. They are State Champions sooo…. But we played very well against them! But unfortunately we lost, but only with like 8 points!! So coach wasn’t very mad :)) He actually kinda cried after haha, he was proud or something 😛



I had a test in Guitar today! We’ve learned 4 songs (very easy) so I played one for him and he picked one for me to play. We also had to know 3 new chords by today. It went well tho. I actually remember so far most of the chords from Sweden, even though it was a while ago.

The day went by fast. For lunch we went to Buffalo Wild Wings! I love that place, they make the best wings 😋


After lunch we (me and Xing) had marketing. We played Monopoly for the most of the time haha, it was fun!

Our practice today was short. Only an hour and 15 min. There was a wrestling meet after us!

Cooper, Nathan and Rachel picked me up when I was done. We went directly down to Broomfield to drop off Rachel for a swim practice. On the way home me, Nathan and Cooper went to Rocky mountain Airport ( in Broomfield). There is a nice restaurant there with view over the runway. The restaurant is actually called ”the runway grill”. They had awesome food and a good view over the runway so we could see the plans and helicopters that took off and landed 🙂 It was awesome! I had my own burger, some of Cooper’s food and some of Nathan’s haha. I know what you’re thinking, but NO, I’m not that overweight… Just a teenager! ✌️



Block day 2day, so of course we went to Mcdonalds for breakfast! Had pancakes and stuff with a smoothie 😋 After that I had P.E instead of bowling, and we played kickball! You kick the ball and you run as far as you can between cones before they catch the ball. It was fun 🙂

We went out for lunch then we watched a movie and worked some in Health. After school I had practice. It was pretty tough, we played a lot of scrimmage 🙂 We play Longmont again on Friday… State Champions. We’ll see how that goes!

Later at night we watched a movie cuz none of us had homework! The movie was called Fire something, and it was good!


I lifted some weights and played basketball today in gym class! All the other classes went well! We’ve started with World War 1 now in history which is a lot better than what we did before..! For lunch we went out eating at a bagel place! I had an awesome Pizza bagel haha, always wanna try something new 🙂


Doesn’t it look good? 😏

After school I had a game! The most of the team were eligible now so that was good… We were in the small gym this game, and it’s not as good as the big one. The floor is very old and very slippery! But it was fine. We started off well, we were up by like 8, but in half time we were down by 1. After that it was hard to catch up and we lost by like 5 points…

The Varsity game was veeery exciting though! They won. A guy called Shayne made a 3 point buzzer-beater so we won by 2!! It was crazy. They wrote about it in the news so if you wanna read about it, here’s the link:


Got up at 6 this morning. Gotta love it!

I started off with P.E. We split the class in two, so for two weeks we bowl and for two weeks we have P.E! So today we played basketball 🙂 It’s pretty fun cuz EVERYONE was so tired, like monday morning at 7:30.. 😌

The day continued to be fun! Everyone wore like shorts to school, cause it was like more than 20 degrees (Celsius) outside!! It was literally like a sunny summer day and it’s almost February!!



Practice was right after school today and it was good! The topic of almost every conversation in school today w/ my teammates was that five of our guys in the team are ineligible to play games…. If you have an F as a grade in any of your classes you can not play games in any sports..! But I think most of em can play tomorrow cause they made an exemption 🙂

Game day tomorrow!


I slept to like 11 today! I needed it. I have gone up at like 6 every morning this week… But I woke up to some oatmeal for breakfast.

I didn’t do a lot today. But I talked to my sisters in Sweden for a while which was fun 🙂 After that me and Cooper went to Walmart to visit a bank and buy some school supplies and stuff! After that we went over to the Boy Scout’s storage/basement that they have in Louisville! We just dropped of and picked up some stuff!

Before dinner I went out running around our neighborhood which is like 3km. After that dinner waited for me and we played a game after. It was kinda confusing and Cooper didn’t understand it at all and became so frustrated, hahah it was so funny. He hated it, so he set up a ”fake caller” on his phone, so it rang and he walked away just to get away from playing the game… It was so much fun!


Woke up at 7am this morning.. Wonderful. We made breakfast and made sandwiches for lunch. I changed to my base layer and my skipants. We went Cross country skiing w/ the boy scouts! It was the whole Jager family + Rachels friend Shelby and like 10 other scouts. We left the house later and it was like an hour drive to Eldora. Eldora is a resort with both downhill and cross country skiing!

When we got there, we rented skis and then we headed out in the trail! We skied for a while and then we had lunch. For a lot of scouts it was there first time so we went pretty slow. But it was fun 🙂 We actually went pretty far, but I’m used to it so it was no problem 😛


On the way home we stopped at a cafe and had a late lunch snack! I had a bagel and had like half of rachel’s carrot cake 🙂 Later that night I just stayed home and we watched a movie!



School was fun. Bowling went well, I got like 3 three strikes almost in a row and the other classes went well!

I didn’t have practice today. Centaurus is hosting a huge tournament this weekend for wrestlers. 33 schools are coming to town!! So today was a day off 🙂

Instead of practice I went over to Mikey’s house after school. Me Xing, Mikey, Joey and Hailey! We played NBA 2k14 on xbox and we drove to mikey’s dads work and dropped off a couple chairs!

Later we went to Burger King and then to Thorsen’s house. We met some other guys @ Thorsen’s. We jumped on the trampoline, played FIFA and did some fun stuff! 🙂IMG_1987


We dressed up for school today because of our home game. When it’s a home game, we always dress up nice in school and when it’s an away game we wear our sweatshirts w/ jeans or sweatpants!

So this morning we had a test in guitar. It was probably the easiest test I’ve ever done. Each student went to his office and showed him that we knew 6 different chords and two songs from the book. The songs were so easy, you only played on one string 🙂

Advisory was my next class. We watched Warrior TV ( our mascot is a warrior if u didn’t know). We watch that every week during Advisory. They make announcements and stuff! After that we did a prep math thing for the ACT!


I had a test in history! We wrote kinda like an essay about the Great Depression during the late 1920’s here in the states. It went well 🙂

For lunch we drove a long way to Big City Burrito. It’s kinda obvious that it’s a burrito restaurant and it’s a good one!

We lost our game later.. We played well in the beginning and we were up by like 12-5 but then they caught up and won by like 20… I scored a free throw and a two pointer but that’s it! The Varsity game after was so exciting. With 4 minutes left of the game it was a tie. With a minute left we were up by like 3 but then they scored 2 free throws so we were up by 1. Then they turned the ball over and scored… So we had 5 seconds to score but we didn’t make it so we lost by 1….


The day started off with an extra hour to sleep, and then we went to the amazing 5-star restaurant McDonalds for breakfast. It was amazing, had pancakes and a lot of amazing food! 😉

Later I had bowling followed by American Lit. Bowling went well and Am Lit too. We are still doing transcendentalism and it’s still really hard…Haha but they don’t ask me questions so I’m doing fine!


For lunch we went to a place called Firehouse subs! It’s founded by firefighters and makes awesome subs 🙂

After school I went home for a couple hours and then Jessica took me to practice! Practice went very well, my shooting was good and I played in general well! Coach said that I was the best on-ball defender on the team 😋

Game day tomorrow!!