Wednesday – New Years Eve

Chuck and Colleen picked me and Kris up in the morning! We brought snowboards and everything for the mountains! Then we packed it all into the car and left at about 9 30!

It’s like a 2 hour frive to the mountains from where we live. So we arrived to keystone after a stop at mcdonalds at 12ish. Kris had to buy tickets for 3 days and I had to get my season pass that I already paid for! I had to take a picture and then I got it!

After that we just changed to ski clothes and then we took the gondola up to the top of the first mountain! There are 3 peaks in Keystone and we tried them all! The thing with Keystone is that it has so long slopes! One of the trails are 3,5 miles!!

So we just tried a lot of different lifts and slopes :)) It was awesome! Here are some pictures:

IMG_1512 IMG_1504 IMG_1507

Later they picked us up and we went over to our condo! It looks like a hotel with a front desk but the condos a privately owned 🙂

After dinner, enchiladas that me and Kris helped make, we went out for a walk in the town of Breckenridge! It was a really small and cute town with a lot of shops and restaurants! 🙂

IMG_1519 IMG_1520 IMG_1521

After that there was a lot of fireworks that came from the top of the mountain! It was very cool!!

IMG_1532 IMG_1538

Later me and Kris met a Norwegian exchange student and her friends and it was fun!

Now I’m changing for snowboarding in Breckenridge the whole day!!



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