Woke up to an awesome breakfast, bacon and pancakes w/ strawberry jam (swedish) and syrup!


After breakfast we started skiing! The condo is basically located on the Breckenridge mountain but we took a shuttle bus to the gondola. The gondola took us up to the base of Peak 8. There are 5 peaks in Breckenridge, peak 6-10!


It snowed a lot so when we were at the top, as high as you can get, we didn’t see much…


The rest of the day we just snowboarded everywhere and stopped for some lunch at a restaurant called ”the overlook”. I think it would have been an amazing view on a regular day haha!

We went to the park and went on some jumps and we tried to go everywhere… But we didn’t have time to go to peak 6 or peak 10! It’s huge!!

They close at four so we took the 4 o´clock trail and could go skiing to the hotel! The trail ends right outside the condo 🙂

Later we had dinner and we showed all about the Swedish towns on a big map! And later me and Kris went to the hottub and pool outside the hotel! It was awesome except from when we were done, we ran barefoot in the snow!!




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