Today was my last day w/o school! Tomorrow it starts again!

Me and Kris woke up at like 11:30 and we started making pancakes. When we were done making em, Thorsen and some other guys asked if we wanted to go to Buffalo Wild Wings! It’s like a sports bar and restaurant! So we did, and we skipped the pancakes! He was outside my door when I was in the shower ha, so it was kind of a hurry this morning!

The food was awesome! Kinda expensive tho, paid like 20 bucks but it was worth it! I had the boneless fried chicken with honey bbq sauce and ranch! It was sooo much food and we were all stuffed after it.

IMG_1604 IMG_1606

After lunch we went over to Thorsens house for a while before my practice!

I had practice at 5:15! We watched film in the beginning. Film of Longmont that we are playing against tomorrow to see their 1-3-1 defensive zone that they’re playing! We also watched how a college played against the zone.

The practice went very well and after Jessica picked me up and we went to Walmart to buy a thing for the water in our aquarium for our fishes! We also bought dinner at Subway 🙂



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