Today was first first day in school. It was actually fun to go back! Had to wake up at 6 though, or more like 6:30, and pack all my basketball stuff and then rush to the bus… 😛

It was like a start up day so we didn’t do a lot. The teachers that I have just introduced the classes and so on. I have a great schedule this semester! For my first lunch (I have both 5th period and 6th lunch) we went to a burger place called Good times and for the next lunch we went to another restaurant haha! But I just ate once, don’t worry I’m not that fat.. yet..

After school I had like 45 minutes off before the basketball bus left! We went to Longmont and played against them. We lost by a lot actually, both sophomore, JV and Varsity lost. The freshman team won tho! But Longmont is like the best team in the state so it wasn’t that weird.

We were done by 8:30ish and came back to Centaurus at 9! Rachel and Cooper picked me up and we went to Burger King for their oreo milkshake (sooo good 🙂 ) and then home! Long day but fun!

Here are two Football pics btw:





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