I woke up like 5 minutes before we left the house this morning 😛 As always we had a late start today so went ate breakfast at Mcdonalds and then we went to the school! My day started with bowling, but we just talked and watch a film (from the 70’s..). On Monday we will Bowl!!

Then I had American Lit followed by lunch and Health! For lunch we went to Wendy’s 😋

After school I went home on the bus cause my practice started at 6! So I watched a TV show and then Jessica drove me over to school! We didn’t run as much as I thought we were gonna do (cause we lost yesterday)! But it was a pretty good practice!

Btw, almost forgot! I got my secret santa gift today from Alexis! She couldn’t make it when we had our gift exchange before christmas so I got it today! I was so happy :)) 👇




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