Today was a fun day! Nathan overslept this morning, so we got a ride to school! Proud that I got up before him ✌️ It doesn’t happen very often..

Anyways, the day started out with guitar! We were just on the computers, so we didn’t play today. Then I had advisory, which is very fun cause I got some basketball friends in that class and they are fun to be around! Later US History was on my schedule and it was not that bad, pretty fun actually!

For lunch me, Sara, Hoodie, Ana and Kris went to a Chinese restaurant. It was like sushi but that’s not my favorite so I ordered a Chicken dish instead… I tried to eat it with chopsticks but that was like impossible.. I couldnt take any pictures cause we all put our phones in the middle of the table and the first one to touch their phone would pay for us all… So it wasn’t worth it! 😉

Later I had marketing and we had a sub. Last Tuesday our teacher in marketing said that he felt dizzy and started sweating… We thought it was like a flu or something, but today when we got to class a teacher said that he got a small stroke… So we all did a lot of ”get well” cards that she’s gonna give to him!

Later we had practice as usual. It was an easy practice so we watched film and shot some hoops and ran just a little 🙂

Gameday tomorrow!!

Basketball registration



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