Yesterday was game day! We dressed up for school, so I wore a dress shirt and a tie!

The school day was good! Everyone was excited for the game and my classes were fun! We learned how to do manual scoring in bowling and on Monday we will Bowl for the first time 🙂

For lunch we went to taco bell and I prepared for the game with a XXL nacho deluxe something haha!

So after school I had more than an hour to spend by myself so I Skyped w/ my Swedish familyy!

Our game started at 5, and Chuck and Colleen and my whole hostfamily were there and watched! We didn’t play very well though. We lost… We didn’t have a lot of energy, everyone seemed tired!

Varsity had a game right after our game. So I stayed in school to support them and there was a lot of people from the school there too! It was fun!

After that, we all (Joey, mikey and thorsen and those) went out to eat and later we went over to Thorsen’s house! We had a lot of fun! Later me, Mikey and Thorsen went into his hottub! It was awesome, it was freezing outside but the water was really hot! We stayed in there until like 2am haha, we had no idea that it was that late haha 🙂



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