After like 4,5 hours of sleep I got up this morning and we went over to the oatmeal festival! There is an oatmeal festival here every year. There is a 5K race and a breakfast with oatmeal and a ton of different toppings! They’ve been in Guinness records for like the most toppings or something haha! They also had pancakes and muffins made out of oats!


Nathan and Jessica ran the 5K but I couldn’t cause I had practice at 10… We had a long meeting about what we can improve as a team today and after that we just shot some hoops! So it wasn’t a tough practice today!

Later I went home and did nothing 🙂 After a couple hours me and Cooper went over to Peak to Peak High School to see the Varsity guys play a game! It was a really exciting game, but unfortunately we lost by 4 points… The last couple minutes were sooo exciting cause we were close to win!

Later I hung out with Thorsen, Xing, Mikey and Hailey! We went to Thorsen’s house and played some FIFA and then we went out eating at Smashburger 🙂




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