After I slept in today, we went to the Air & Space museum in Denver! It’s like an airplane museum. We flew in a flight simulator! First we looked at some airplanes and a space shuttle that was made for NASA! All the airplanes and stuff were in a big hangar.

Later we went into a room with a lot of flight simulators! First we watched a short film about how to do it and then we started flying. We learned how to take off, make a good landing and fly and shot at targets! It was fun!

20150111_144224 (1) 20150111_143426 (1)

After that we just walked around and looked at everything and watched a short movie about harrison ford and when he went here! He’s actually a pilot, didn’t know that!

We went to a diner called Gunther Toody’s for dinner. They are famous for their milkshakes so I had an oreo shake and a sandwich w/ fries 🙂 I see why they are famous cause it was so good!

IMG_1895 IMG_1896 IMG_1891IMG_1899



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