Today was the first day that we actually Bowled! So at 7:30 a school bus leaves the parking lot and drives down the street to the bowling center! It’s just like a 5 minute drive! When we got there, we picked out and tried shoes and we tried out different balls. Then we bowled for like 30 minutes and then we got on the bus and back to school again! I actually got a spare on my first try 😛

After that I had guitar! We played for like 10 minutes and then we watched a short youtube clip about how to be successful!

I had practice as always after school. The coach was not very happy so that was less fun haha. But we have a game tomorrow!!  So we better be ready to play well!

After practice Cooper and Nathan picked me up and we went to Denver to a fun center w/ the boy scouts! They had a fun meeting at a play center. We did a lot of different games and climbing and stuff! It was fun!


I climbed 40 feet up 👆But I fell where my beautiful drawing is… But we had a harness so it was fine 🙂

IMG_1904 20150112_190030



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