I had an hour and a half of bowling this morning! I played pretty well, I got 130 on the first set and 140 on the next one 🙂

Later I had American Lit and we read the same story that we’ve been reading the for 4 days now. It’s so weird, yesterday we read 10 (!!) sentences and then some people analyzed and discussed those sentences for the whole class!! And it’s so hard, the english is like impossible. A lot of people in the class don’t understand it either…

In health we discussed stress and then we watched the beginning of a movie! The movie was about racism in the 1970’s and how a football team with white people had to play with a bunch of black kids! Denzel Washington was the main character!

We took photos after practice today! It was the same procedure as when we took the football pictures. So they are gonna photoshop all of our individual pictures into a team photo! 🙂

Later I went to the rec center with Mikey and Joey to play some basketball (again)! There was already a lot of people there so we all played scrimmage which was fun!



En kommentar

  1. Cooper · januari 15, 2015

    What is the name of the book in American Lit?
    The movie is fantastic ”Remember the Titans”!



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