It was block day today so I had guitar for an hour and a half! We learned some new chords and how to read and play notes. After that Advisory was on my schedule! We had a sub, he was really cool and funny! He moved here from Florida a couple years ago! We made posters in the class and just hung out and talked 🙂

In history we learned about the Great Depression in the 1920’s, soooo much fun 😛

For lunch we drove to Boulder and ate sandwiches at a place called Snarf Sandwiches! It was like packed with people, luckily we came before the rush 🙂 The sandwiches were awesome!


Later I had marketing and we sold and bought stuff! We set up a ”shop” and we sold different items, but it was just for fun!

So my practice today should have been from 4-6 as always, but yesterday they changed it so we had the late practice that is from 6 to 8. So I went home on the bus and when I came home they changed it again but this time to 5-6:30… It was just a mess, our JV coach didn’t know about it so he was like 30 minutes late! But tomorrow is gameday so it was not a very tough practice. Tomorrow we’re going to Greeley Central High, it’s far away like an hour drive or more..! But it’s gonna be fun!


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  1. Ullis · januari 17, 2015

    erik! Du verkar ha det såå bra, jag och sofia sitter här i ert vardagsrum och överväger en trip till Colorado asap hehe. Och nu kan jag stalka din blogg också! haha, puss!



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