Yesterday I had a field trip, but it was in school haha. All Juniors had Zaps all day! It’s a practice for the ACT, the standardized test that the whole US does in like april! So we were in a classroom from 7:30-3… With an hour lunch tho! But I was sitting next to Cotter, a guy from the football and basketball team so we had fun!


Our basketball bus left 15 minutes after schools was over, so we had to hurry. We got our brown bags w/ lunch and gatorade and then we all went on the bus. All four teams on one bus haha, it got so hot inside haha..


We all wear the same clothes haha.

Anyways, the game was in Greeley.. That’s like more than an hour drive! But we had our 15 minute warm up and then we played! They weren’t that good, but we lost by like 4 points… But the Varsity always play after us and they won by 3!! That game was so exciting in the end!

The bus ride home was so funny, everyone was just happy and played music and screamed random stuff haha 🙂


Yesterday on my way to school! NO filter added 😏



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