The first thing I did was talking to my Swedish family! They opened all my gifts that I sent to them like 5 weeks ago! We were skypeing for like an hour and after that I just hung out in the house!

After a while Cooper and Rachel came home from Costco. It’s like a big warehouse for food! So they bought a lot of stuff 🙂 For example A LOT of soda… 😛

IMG_1958 IMG_1959

Later I ran to the rec center, but when I came there the lady in the front desk said that they closed in 15 minutes… So I lifted some weights for 15 min, and then I ran over to Thorsen’s house. Cause he lives pretty close! At dinner time, he droppes me off here and I had dinner at home and then Cooper drove me over to Thorsen’s house again! We were in the hottub and went to Walmart! 🙂

I’m off from school tomorrow 🙂




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