Today was first day in school after the long-weekend! It was hard to wake up but I managed to get up 15 minutes before we left the house!

Nothing really happened in school, it was just a regular day with bowling and guitar and everything. Mr V visited school ( The teacher that got the stroke a couple weeks ago) so we talked to him for a while! He was doing pretty well.

After school we headed up to Northridge for a basketball game. It’s close to the school we played in last friday. So it was like an hour drive there… Unfortunately we lost. They had a guy that scored like 40 points on us, one guy!! He was an amazing three point shooter. He scored like 80-90% of all of his shots… He was the main scorer in Varsity too and he wasn’t even on the JV list of players so something was weird…

On the way home I talked to Trevor the whole busride.




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