We dressed up for school today because of our home game. When it’s a home game, we always dress up nice in school and when it’s an away game we wear our sweatshirts w/ jeans or sweatpants!

So this morning we had a test in guitar. It was probably the easiest test I’ve ever done. Each student went to his office and showed him that we knew 6 different chords and two songs from the book. The songs were so easy, you only played on one string 🙂

Advisory was my next class. We watched Warrior TV ( our mascot is a warrior if u didn’t know). We watch that every week during Advisory. They make announcements and stuff! After that we did a prep math thing for the ACT!


I had a test in history! We wrote kinda like an essay about the Great Depression during the late 1920’s here in the states. It went well 🙂

For lunch we drove a long way to Big City Burrito. It’s kinda obvious that it’s a burrito restaurant and it’s a good one!

We lost our game later.. We played well in the beginning and we were up by like 12-5 but then they caught up and won by like 20… I scored a free throw and a two pointer but that’s it! The Varsity game after was so exciting. With 4 minutes left of the game it was a tie. With a minute left we were up by like 3 but then they scored 2 free throws so we were up by 1. Then they turned the ball over and scored… So we had 5 seconds to score but we didn’t make it so we lost by 1….



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