Woke up at 7am this morning.. Wonderful. We made breakfast and made sandwiches for lunch. I changed to my base layer and my skipants. We went Cross country skiing w/ the boy scouts! It was the whole Jager family + Rachels friend Shelby and like 10 other scouts. We left the house later and it was like an hour drive to Eldora. Eldora is a resort with both downhill and cross country skiing!

When we got there, we rented skis and then we headed out in the trail! We skied for a while and then we had lunch. For a lot of scouts it was there first time so we went pretty slow. But it was fun 🙂 We actually went pretty far, but I’m used to it so it was no problem 😛


On the way home we stopped at a cafe and had a late lunch snack! I had a bagel and had like half of rachel’s carrot cake 🙂 Later that night I just stayed home and we watched a movie!




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