I slept to like 11 today! I needed it. I have gone up at like 6 every morning this week… But I woke up to some oatmeal for breakfast.

I didn’t do a lot today. But I talked to my sisters in Sweden for a while which was fun 🙂 After that me and Cooper went to Walmart to visit a bank and buy some school supplies and stuff! After that we went over to the Boy Scout’s storage/basement that they have in Louisville! We just dropped of and picked up some stuff!

Before dinner I went out running around our neighborhood which is like 3km. After that dinner waited for me and we played a game after. It was kinda confusing and Cooper didn’t understand it at all and became so frustrated, hahah it was so funny. He hated it, so he set up a ”fake caller” on his phone, so it rang and he walked away just to get away from playing the game… It was so much fun!



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