Got up at 6 this morning. Gotta love it!

I started off with P.E. We split the class in two, so for two weeks we bowl and for two weeks we have P.E! So today we played basketball 🙂 It’s pretty fun cuz EVERYONE was so tired, like monday morning at 7:30.. 😌

The day continued to be fun! Everyone wore like shorts to school, cause it was like more than 20 degrees (Celsius) outside!! It was literally like a sunny summer day and it’s almost February!!



Practice was right after school today and it was good! The topic of almost every conversation in school today w/ my teammates was that five of our guys in the team are ineligible to play games…. If you have an F as a grade in any of your classes you can not play games in any sports..! But I think most of em can play tomorrow cause they made an exemption 🙂

Game day tomorrow!



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