I lifted some weights and played basketball today in gym class! All the other classes went well! We’ve started with World War 1 now in history which is a lot better than what we did before..! For lunch we went out eating at a bagel place! I had an awesome Pizza bagel haha, always wanna try something new 🙂


Doesn’t it look good? 😏

After school I had a game! The most of the team were eligible now so that was good… We were in the small gym this game, and it’s not as good as the big one. The floor is very old and very slippery! But it was fine. We started off well, we were up by like 8, but in half time we were down by 1. After that it was hard to catch up and we lost by like 5 points…

The Varsity game was veeery exciting though! They won. A guy called Shayne made a 3 point buzzer-beater so we won by 2!! It was crazy. They wrote about it in the news so if you wanna read about it, here’s the link:




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