We played basketball in PE, followed by guitar. We had a sub in the guitar class. He didn’t say anything or knew anything about music so we just did what we wanted to do. The fire alarm went off too, but it was just a drill!

In Am Lit class we finished a poster about transcendentalism. That’s the unit we’ve been doing for a while now. So we chose one quote from all the short stories we’ve read. My quote was:

”Why should we live in such a hurry, and waste life?”

-Henry David Thoreau

We wrote two paragraphs about it and chose an image that matched with it! My image was this one:


For lunch we went to a bagel place 🙂 And after that I had a test in Health! But it was pretty easy. A lot of multiple choice questions and some writing questions.

After school I went to King soopers (grocery store) to buy something before the game! I had more than an hour to spend in school. On the way there I talked to my coordinator, she has to speak to me like every month so today was that day!

We played Longmont. Last time we played against them we lost by a lot. They are State Champions sooo…. But we played very well against them! But unfortunately we lost, but only with like 8 points!! So coach wasn’t very mad :)) He actually kinda cried after haha, he was proud or something 😛



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