Of course we didn’t get a snowday.. 😛 Everyone was so upset with our district, they got tons of complaints on Facebook and in newspapers haha.

I had a test in guitar today. You play two songs for him (notes!) in his office. And it’s so awkward when you mess up haha 😂

Later in Advisory we just watched a film about all the elective courses the juniors can choose between next year…

For lunch we went out to a Chinese restaurant! My friend Xing’s family owns it actually. It’s a family business so he works there after school and deliver food. It was really good 🙂

Track practice was in school today. Literally in school, we ran in the hallways haha. Baseball had the gym so we did the warm-ups in the hallway. We also sprinted and did some laps up the stairs and thru the whole school 😛 After that we went in the weight room for a while!

After practice me, Nathan and Cooper went to a store called JAX and then we had dinner out! We are going camping this weekend w the scouts!! Tomorrow we’re going up in the mountains and we’ll sleep in a cabin the first night. Saturday morning we will walk a couple miles and then build an igloo or more like a quinzee 😳 Saturday night we’ll sleep in it!! We’ll see how that goes! So I’ve been packing stuff all night..

So I probably won’t be able to blog for a couple days just so you knooooow!

Ciao Ciao



After Mcdonalds we went to school! We played Dodgeball in gym class for the first half! It’s really fun 🙂 The second half me and some friends played Basketball!

In Literature class we practiced for the upcoming PARCC test. It’s one of those standardized test that they do here!

For lunch we went out to a bagel place and we actually ate in the car haha. Cause it started snowing a lot so we didn’t wanna go out.. But after a while we had to..

After school we had practice. It was inside today, because it has been snowing all day now! We did some jumps and we ran and later we went to the weight room. After all that we voted for captains! There was like 10 people that wanted to become a team captain, so they told us about themselves and what they were gonna do for the team if they became a captain. Then we voted for 3 people!

It snowed so much so that when Jessica was gonna pick us up after practice it took her AN HOUR to drive like 5 kilometers! On the way home we picked up some food and headed home!

So we don’t get a lot of snowdays at Centaurus, which a lot of people complain about. So probably we won’t get one tomorrow even tho it snowed a lot today.. A snowday is when the school is closed because it’s too much snow outside so the busses can’t pick people up. So someone made this hilarious video about it hahah


Classes went fine today! Nothing really special happened in school today except from Hug a Warrior! We are doing a game in school, exactly like killergame as we did in sweden!! You pay a dollar to participate. Yesterday I got my target. The target is one person in the school that you kill by hugging them. If you hug them, you’ll get their target. But you better watch your back so no one hugs you… The one that wins will get all the money people payed to participate 😛

After school we had Track practice! The track was covered by snow so we were in the parking lot and did some running. We did 6 x 200 meters… After that we went inside and to the weight room! We did upper body today. I’m so much more used to that than legs… Haha I’m sooo sore from yesterday’s workout…

At 6 we had our final basketball event, our banquet with all the parents and coaches and players. We got a really nice dinner catered! Then all the coaches started talking about players and their team. Each team went up in front of all the people and the coaches talked about each individual player! Four players from each team got awards. The awards were: Most improved player, MVP (most valuable player), Best defender and Heart of a Warrior which includes everything such as good friend and leadership! The players of the team voted and I got the best defender for the JV 😀 It was really fun to get that award, cause not everyone gets something 🙂


(Yes I know they spelled my name wrong, but that’s the american spelling of my name)

The dinner kept going for more than 3 hours haha… And after we were done our coach, Coach Mac, told us that we will be the last team he will coach. It was sad cause he’s really been an awesome coach 🙂 But we all wrote personal messages on his coaching whiteboard with a permanent marker so he can save it for a long time 🙂

Everyone wasn’t very happy about being there for 3 hours 😉



Of course there was no Snowday, cause we live in Colorado… A snowday is when the school is closed due to too much snow! We thought we might get one today but we did not.. So we went to the busstop and the bus actually almost on time! It was freeezing outside tho!

We played Badminton in gym class which was fun! All the other classes went great too! 🙂

Basketball season is over now 😦 So after school was my first Track and Field practice!! Before that I turned in my bball uniform with Trevor! He’s gonna do Track too so that’s awesome! He’s doing jumps, like high jump, long jump, and those stuff! So I might do that too. I met the coach today and he seems really cool!


We did some running exercises and then we went in to the weight room! I actually did legs today, that was a loooong time ago haha.. We were inside in the gym for the most part cuz the track is covered with snow right now…

Cooper picked us up after and we went to get some food and then we drove to the Scout Lodge. There was a lot going on today. A court of honor where they have a lot of scouts receiving merit badges and they welcome the new scouts. After that there was an eagle ceremony. Eagle scout is like the highest rank of scout you can be and they have a ceremony if someone achieves an eagle award! 🙂 It was the same ceremony as Nathan had the first month I was here!



Today was a lazy day. I woke up at 10 and fell back to sleep and woke up at 12 haha.. 😋

I cleaned my room and did like nothing for a while.

Later I went bowling with Thorsen and Hailey! Bailey works there so she got off work at the same time we got there. She’s apparently a really good bowler cuz she compete like every sunday. But last week she broke her right arm, so we all bowled with our left hands 😂 We had bumpers tho! But I got 123 in my last game with my left!!

After that I went to Thorsens house for a while to hang out. Later he drove me home and we had dinner and watched a movie 🙂 IMG_2361


I could sleep in this morning, and for sure I did! I woke up at 11ish after like 10 hours of sleep! Every weekday I get like 6 hours haha so I like the weekends 😛

I haven’t accomplished a lot of things today.. But one thing I did was go to the rec and work out! Me and Jessica went there and I met Kris there! He walked there before I asked if he wanted a ride. He walked in shorts haha, and it was like a blizzard outside… Norwegians, enough said…

It has been snowing all day today. It will keep snowing until monday morning I think!


Me and Thorsen and some other people were supposed to go skiing tomorrow but we called it off today cause it was a 2 hour delay to keystone today and I guess it will be even worse tomorrow!… Too much snoooow


Yesterday was our last game! It was an away game at Niwot HS! We wore our jumpsuits in school, so comfortable!

All my classes went fine. Had a test in guitar which went okay I guess. The day went overall great!

After school we got our brown bags w/ extra lunches and the bus left with the Varsity and Jv and the girls team. The sop and fresh team have a game today! The Varsity girls played in the big gym before the V- boys so we got to play in the small one… It was the original gym so our coach had played there a long time ago! The scoreboard had light bulbs like you see in old movies haha, no led lights there!

Anyways we played well almost the whole game! But with 3 minutes left in the clock, we were down by 13!! But we played awesome those minutes so with 30 seconds we were down by three! But we couldn’t score our last buzzer beater, so we lost by three.. But we weren’t too sad, cause we played well for our last game! 🙂

Now Basketball is over, just a banquet dinner left on Tuesday!


I was supposed to have a test in guitar today but we didn’t do it… Either he forgot it or we’ll be doing it tomorrow..! In Advisory we first watched Warrior TV and then we went to the auditorium! All the juniors were there and the counselors taught us about how to choose classes for their senior year. But I didn’t really relate to that cuz I won’t be here..

Later we learned about the Cold war! 😌 For lunch we went to Boulder! We bought sandwiches at Snarf’s 🙂 They are so good!

In marketing class we did as much as always, which is nothing haha.. We just sit there and talk, not very tough and hard!

I went home on the bus cuz my practice didn’t start until 6! It was our last practice EVER! We have a game tomorrow and that’s our last day w/ basketball! Holy, the season went by so fast! The coaches said after christmas that these 2 months will go by so fast. And they were so right haha, it’s insane! But it has been so much fun!

Tomorrow we’ll dress up in jumpsuits and hopefully kick ass in the game 😉


Our breakdown haha 👆


Bowling went so well this morning!! I started out okay but when we started the second game, me and a girl called Lisa said that the one losing that game will buy the other one lunch next time! And you know, when you’re competing and you can win food, I do really well.. 😛 And omg, I’ve never played that well before! I started with 4 spares in a row, then a strike, then a spare again haha!

So now I have a free lunch next week😍

I got 155 points. 212 is with a handicap 😛


For lunch we went to a nice chicken-burger place! Called Chick-Fil-A! 🙂 I went with my group of friends that I always go with but I also met some Basketball players there!

After school we took photos with the whole basketball program! We had photos like a month ago but they just photoshopped the team picture by using our individual player-photos…. And apparently that picture turned out really bad so Coach wanted to take new ones. We dressed up in our uniforms and a dad took team photos and a photo of the whole program with all four teams!

After that, we ( the JV) had our team outing! We went to a place called Tilt! It had pinball, ping pong, pool ball and a lot of different arcade games. We were by ourselves there so that was cool! We had an awesome time! Coach brought pizza and stuff so we just had a great time 🙂




Damn, it was hard to get up this morning… 4 days w/o school and then get up at 6… But I made it! It was really cold this morning so of course the bus was late and when I finally got to school, the bowling bus was late too.. It was like -10 Celsius and I only had a sweater haha! Forgot my jacket in the locker..


But all my classes went fine. Nothing really special happened. But after school we went up to Loveland and Mountain View High school! Timmy brought us lunches. We always get brown bags with lunch before every away game. Today Timmy’s mom made them and she baked the most amazing brownies ever haha! Oh my… You can’t imagine! Perfect before a game!👌

But unfortunately we lost the game.. We played a lot better than last time tho. But in the end we lost by 10ish points.


Got this text from Coach! NO PRACTICE tomorrow✌️