Practice STARTED at 8am…!!! 8!? Can you imagine how early that is on a saturday morning? Probably not. But we were done by 10 so after practice it’s kind of a nice feeling.

Then me and Cooper went out for a ”fika” at Starbucks! The Caramel Macchiato is probably my favorite! 😋 After the fika, we went home and just hung out there for a while. Kris came over later and we ran to the rec center and lifted weights. He’s in such a bad shape, he hasn’t done anything since football season haha. And the american lifestyle isn’t helping him…

After dinner, Thorsen, Mikey and Nick picked us up! We went up to Fort collins to the trampoline place again! That was a lot of fun! I can do a backflip now on a trampoline, not the prettiest one tho, but it’s still a backflip! ✌️

While we were inside, it snowed a lot. Not in Fort Collins, but in Lafayette where we live. So on the way home the roads were veery slippery. We stopped by Walmart and bought pizza and ice cream, so we had something to eat when we watched a movie later. We watched ”the interview” at Thorsen’s. The I spent the night there too! We all did, cuz the roads were not plowed or anything!




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