Yesterday’s post is there now if you haven’t seen it! Just scroll down!

So I woke up at Thorsen’s house. We went to bed at like 4 haha but I kinda slept during the movie so I got a lot of sleep! At like 12 we ate breakfast. His family made eggs, bacon and potatoes and we made burritos! 🙂 His sister made cake pops, and they are soooo good! Insane! It’s like a lollipop but it’s a cake haha.


Kinda like those!

Later Cooper picked me and Kris up! We grabbed a coffee at Starbucks before we went home. When I came home, I wrote my blog! After that we went over to the Twins house! It was SUPER BOWL! 🙂 Rachel joined me and Kris, so we watched the game and played pool and stuff! It was fun. She had a chance to hang out with the high school kids! 🙂 It was a great game!




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