We played Dodgeball in my first period! It’s like ”spökboll” if my swedish amigos know that better! I was actually one of the captains 🙂 Just because we played basketball the first times in this PE class, and I was like the best, they think I’m like awesome in every sport haha. Which I’m not… But I’m always like the first pick!😂 But it was fun!

The whole choir class was in my guitar classroom when I got there, cuz they had a performance at Angevine later. So everyone was like dressed up except from me and a couple others. The choir is big, they are probably like 30-40 people and they all sang so we who had guitar class were just in the background. My guitar teacher is the choir teacher, that’s why everyone was there! But they left after like 30 minutes so we played some 🙂

At lunch we went to a burger place! We listened and sang along to Katy perry in the car hahah. For you who don’t know, she was the halftime show in yesterday’s Super bowl!

We started a new unit in health, suicide and depression. Well it’s not the funniest thing we’ve talked about but it’s important!

Practice went okay! Game day tomorrow so we didn’t run a lot 🙂 It’s an away game that starts early, so we’ll be dismissed early from school :))



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