I got to school at 7 this morning and Cooper picked me up 14 hours later! haha, long day!

It started with P.E where I worked out and played some basketball. Later I played guitar! No choir in the room today 🙂

I stayed in school for my first lunch and later we went to the grocery store to buy some stuff!

In health we did yoga! It was like relaxation…. So I think I almost fell asleep haha! We went to the Wrestling room and did it!

Enlightenment in nature

We were dismissed from school at 2:15, becuz of the game. So I was in 8th period for litterly 5 minutes and then I left..! The game was like 45 minutes away. They only had one gym, so we watched the sophomores play and later we played and after us the Varsity. Their JV team are so good… We lost by like 20 points… The JV team plus maybe 2 guys extra, was the Varsity team. So the same guys played twice.. And the Varsity lost too!!

At least the busride home was home fun 🙂

On the way home we picked up Kris cuz he’s gonna sleep here tonight. His parents are out of town!



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