Kris went with us to Mcdonalds this morning! It snowed a lot last night so the traffic was kinda chaos.. But we made it on time. We played floor hockey this morning. Obviously it’s like ice hockey but w/o ice and it’s indoor! 🙂 After a while we played basketball instead!

Sweaty and exhausted, I went to Am Lit class! We got a sheet with a lot of words we had to define and write sentences about. So much fun!… 😛

For lunch we went to the mall! They had to buy something for cheer, so we went there and ate at the food court.

We continued talking about suicide in Health. We watch a 20 minute film about it too. The film was about a man killing himself, so yeah it wasn’t very fun.

After school I went to Big Mike’s signing party for the Air Force Academy! Mike was in my Football team and now in the Basketball team! He became a All State champion Football player this year. So he got a Scholarship to play Football for the Air Force academy! Which is really cool! So today we went to his party right after school. It was in one of our lunch rooms, and a lot of his coaches held a speech and parents etc. After that there was food and cake!

IMG_2050 air-force-game-day-at-falcon-stadium-air-force-academy

Later we had practice and then I just relaxed the rest of the evening!



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