Nothing very special happened today! It started with guitar. We are learning notes on the guitar now which is a lot harder than just playing chords..!

After 2nd period Advisory was on the schedule! We watched Warrior TV as always and after that they did some college stuff. I don’t have to do those stuff 😛 So I could just be on my phone and watch everyone else taking a test!

For lunch we went a long way to a burrito place! But we had 2 hours so it was fine! I went in Thorsen’s car, just me and him and I looked at his old Facebook photos which was so fun haha!

In Marketing we had a brief presentation about a project that we’ve been doing for a couple weeks. ”How to improve Safeway”! After that we watched all the Super Bowl ads, for more than an hour.. But some of them are very funny actually!

If you wanna see some of em: The Doritos one’s are so funny! Just scroll down when you’re on the page!

After school I went home on the bus. My practice started at 7:30 today! It was just an hour practice. It went pretty well. Game day tomorrow, really hope we’re gonna win! I think we can beat them!




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