It was a regular day in school! We had the most annoying sub in guitar. No one could even go outside the door before she started yelling and she took attendance like 3 times..! We didn’t do anything special in my other classes before lunch.

There was actually a fight in the commons though! Two guys got mad at each other and started to seriously fight while everyone was watching! It was in a passing period so a lot of people were there!


(This morning)

After lunch I had Health. Today we got certified in CPR actually! Every Health class this semester will do that. It’s an awesome thing to know! So we did that for the entire class.


After school we went up to Longmont for a game! Haha we lost again… Right after the game, Timmy a guy in the JV, got like a panic attach or something! It was so weird cause he just started shaking and we could barely talk to him! So the trainer came and his parents and after a while he was alright again. It was kinda scary there for a while!



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