I woke up at 8 this morning! Thorsen picked me up before 9 and we went over to his house. While we were there, two of his family friends showed up, Heidi and l. After that we left for a snowboarding day in Keystone!

It’s like a 2 hour drive to all the good mountains. So we got there before noon. Then we skied for a while and later we took the car to the town and bought some lunch!

The weather today was amazing. We thought it was gonna be windy, but it wasn’t. We started off the day with taking pics.


So we snowboarded for the whole day and at 6 they closed. After lunch, Thorsen switched to his other snowboard. On that one he installed a lot of LED lights! It’s awesome in the a dark!


We stayed until they closed (6pm) and then we went over to Lauras’ condo, just a few miles away. Her family had bought pizza for us as dinner. After a while there we just went home 🙂

Thorsen used his new Go pro so most of what we did today is recorded!

It was an awesome day!! I’m soooo tired now…!!



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