Always fun to wake up early after nice weekend!.. Now I have Bowling for 2 weeks again! So I went on the Bowling bus this morning 🙂 My score was like 125, so I got a couple spares and strikes 🙂

Bowling Fun Logo Deans

We had a test in History class… But it went fine! It wasn’t too hard. It was about the World War 2!

It’s crazy hot outside! It’s like 20 celsius almost every day!! Went out for lunch in only T-shirt 😀

I’m a little sour in my throat so I didn’t go very hard in practice today! I wanna play in tomorrow’s game so I didn’t run a lot! The first half hour of practice we watched a youtube clip about a guy who lost his parents ( a very tragic story) and about his life, he loved basketball and that was what kept him going. I’ll link it if you wanna see it! It’s 16 minutes but worth it if you have time!


En kommentar

  1. Cooper · februari 10, 2015

    Great video – thank you for sharing this link. What a shocker though. I was 8 minutes in and thought it was over – NOPE! Well worth the full 16 minutes of viewing time.



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