Bowling went fine this morning! And so did guitar! It’s neat to start everyday with those two classes! You don’t have to think a lot or be active 😛

Then my less fun classes begin haha! But they aren’t that bad actually. Today we started a new unit about the Cold War in History class. Kinda interesting!


In Health class we had a sub, so we just watched a movie called Cyberbully! It’s about a girl that gets bullied over the internet. It’s a sad story but important to see!

Today was gameday so after school I had a game. We started off really well, and in halftime the score was 16-12! We were up. So we had really good defense, only 12 points in 2 quarters! But in 3rd quarter, we started off really bad… They scored 8 points in like 3 minutes! And in the end of 4th, they were up by 3. Then they got 2 free throws and made em so we lost by 5…



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