Wednesdays are so chill for me! First an hour sleep in and then breakfast on the way to school! Then I got on the bus to the bowling center, bowl for an hour, then go back to school. It went very well today, I got 136 my second set! Got like 4 spares on a couple strikes!

After Bowling, American lit is on my schedule! We read a biography about Frederick Douglass, and answered some questions!

For lunch we went over to bdubs (Buffalo wild wings). It was our friend Forrest’s birthday today so we ate there and celebrated him!

When we came back to school I had Health for a while! We were dismissed from class by 2:15, cuz our basketball bus left 2:30! The game was in Thomas Jefferson HS, south of Denver. So it was almost an hour drive there! They always have sheets that gives us information about the other team, like name, height and grade of the players. We are 4 teams on our program and we were supposed to play 4 games. But they only had 3 teams… So we had to play with the Sophomore team. So we mixed the JV and Soph team together! And we actually WON! Haha finally a W!


Centaurus won all of the games today, so when we got back to the bus, the driver had decorated the bus to ”the party bus”! 😛


Here’s a charming pic of me and Cotter after the game!



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