No school today ✌️ So I slept until like 10-11! 🙂 After that I took a shower and we went out for lunch, the whole family, cuz today was Cooper’s birthday!! He was working today, so we picked him up and went to an asian restaurant close to his work! It was really good and nice!

Later I was just chilling for a couple hours! At 4 I went school cuz we had a game!!


We played Northridge home. Last time we played them we lost by like 50 points!! They scored like 90 on us… Kinda embarrassing!

But we played so well tonight! We were down by like 5 points the entire game. But like the last 2 minutes we made a play to Cotter so he shot a 3 and made it! So we were up by 1 and we made some free throws and so on… So we WON by 1 point!! Craaazy! Everyone was so happy afterwards haha 😀

Tonight was Parent Night too. So in halftime of the Varsity game, they announced all the JV players and their parents. So we got a flower and we all wrote a personal letter to our parents. So they called out our name, I met them in the mid circle of the court and gave them the flower and the card and we took a picture 🙂

When I came home, Rachel had made a cake for me!! She emailed my Swedish Mommy about a swedish traditional cake 🙂 And did sort of a swedish one 🙂 It had three layers, and they were blue, yellow and blue! Swedisshh colors :))

IMG_2113 IMG_2118



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