Saturday! 18th Birthday!!


So I woke up this morning, and when I looked at my phone I realized that it was my birthday. Haha, had so many notifications from instagram and Facebook 😂

But I woke up at after 7 cuz practice started at 8… But it was an easy practice because we all won last night and cuz it was so early… Coach Mac (the JV coach) left the gym to get us breakfast burritos 🙂 He promised that when we won cause he was so happy haha! So we shot a lot and had burritos after, not too tough! 😛

Then I went home and they had set up with balloons and cards and stuff 🙂 They all wrote a really nice card for me and I got some candy and a gift card! Next weekend we will go Go-karting 😍 So I was very happy after those presents :))



Later I got a haircut! My hair was sooo long before that. Because last time they didn’t cut a lot, and it was like 2 months ago! So I told her to cut a lot, and no doubt that she did..!! Haha now it’s kinda short, but I like it tho! Feels a lot better.


When I came home again Kris came over for a while. By then I also talked to my Swedish parents! They sent me a package two weeks ago and it came today!! Cooper went out to get the mail and when he came in again he got the package while I talked to them haha. It was such an awesome timing!

So me and Cooper opened gifts from Sweden (his birthday was yesterday), while we skyped with Sweden! I got socks with hearts on em, a car magazine and a really nice tie and some stuff 😀 He got some Craft things, he just loooves that Swedish brand haha!


After that we went out for dinner! We went to a restaurant called Chili’s. They have really good food and I’ve been there a couple times before 🙂 I had quesadillas with beef in em! They were really good! I knew one of the guys that worked there, he played in my football team! So he brought me ice cream because it was my birthday haha! 🙂 It was a really nice dinner and we had fun 🙂



On the way home we stopped for ice cream haha, I was the only one that got it at the restaurant 😛 But a had a mini one! And we started talking with the girls that worked there, so when she made my ice cream she wrote on it haha:


Later Joey picked me up and we went over to his house. It was me, Kris, Joey, Mike, Robert, Lexi, Angela and Hailey! We played some games and just hung out! It was a lot of fun 🙂 They also brought a cake for meee!!





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