Today was the last day of our four-day weekend! I had practice in the morning. It went well! We have a game tomorrow so it wasn’t too tough! We should have done our team outing today at an airsoft gun place, but it was closed due to the bad weather… It snowed a lot last night..!

After practice Cooper picked me up and we went out for a Fika at Starbucks! I was as healthy as always, a double chocolatychip frappe and a brownie😋


When I came home I had to fix some stuff with my swedish school! Like what classes I want for next year and so on. So I talked to my sister and parents in Swedeen for some advice!

And I actually studied for 5 minutes today!! Cooper was so surprised so he took a picture of it…. But it’s true, it’s very rarely someone see me study here 😛


Later I just went to the Rec center w/ Kris and did some weights! 🙂



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