Damn, it was hard to get up this morning… 4 days w/o school and then get up at 6… But I made it! It was really cold this morning so of course the bus was late and when I finally got to school, the bowling bus was late too.. It was like -10 Celsius and I only had a sweater haha! Forgot my jacket in the locker..


But all my classes went fine. Nothing really special happened. But after school we went up to Loveland and Mountain View High school! Timmy brought us lunches. We always get brown bags with lunch before every away game. Today Timmy’s mom made them and she baked the most amazing brownies ever haha! Oh my… You can’t imagine! Perfect before a game!👌

But unfortunately we lost the game.. We played a lot better than last time tho. But in the end we lost by 10ish points.


Got this text from Coach! NO PRACTICE tomorrow✌️



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