Bowling went so well this morning!! I started out okay but when we started the second game, me and a girl called Lisa said that the one losing that game will buy the other one lunch next time! And you know, when you’re competing and you can win food, I do really well.. 😛 And omg, I’ve never played that well before! I started with 4 spares in a row, then a strike, then a spare again haha!

So now I have a free lunch next week😍

I got 155 points. 212 is with a handicap 😛


For lunch we went to a nice chicken-burger place! Called Chick-Fil-A! 🙂 I went with my group of friends that I always go with but I also met some Basketball players there!

After school we took photos with the whole basketball program! We had photos like a month ago but they just photoshopped the team picture by using our individual player-photos…. And apparently that picture turned out really bad so Coach wanted to take new ones. We dressed up in our uniforms and a dad took team photos and a photo of the whole program with all four teams!

After that, we ( the JV) had our team outing! We went to a place called Tilt! It had pinball, ping pong, pool ball and a lot of different arcade games. We were by ourselves there so that was cool! We had an awesome time! Coach brought pizza and stuff so we just had a great time 🙂





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