I was supposed to have a test in guitar today but we didn’t do it… Either he forgot it or we’ll be doing it tomorrow..! In Advisory we first watched Warrior TV and then we went to the auditorium! All the juniors were there and the counselors taught us about how to choose classes for their senior year. But I didn’t really relate to that cuz I won’t be here..

Later we learned about the Cold war! 😌 For lunch we went to Boulder! We bought sandwiches at Snarf’s 🙂 They are so good!

In marketing class we did as much as always, which is nothing haha.. We just sit there and talk, not very tough and hard!

I went home on the bus cuz my practice didn’t start until 6! It was our last practice EVER! We have a game tomorrow and that’s our last day w/ basketball! Holy, the season went by so fast! The coaches said after christmas that these 2 months will go by so fast. And they were so right haha, it’s insane! But it has been so much fun!

Tomorrow we’ll dress up in jumpsuits and hopefully kick ass in the game 😉


Our breakdown haha 👆



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