I could sleep in this morning, and for sure I did! I woke up at 11ish after like 10 hours of sleep! Every weekday I get like 6 hours haha so I like the weekends 😛

I haven’t accomplished a lot of things today.. But one thing I did was go to the rec and work out! Me and Jessica went there and I met Kris there! He walked there before I asked if he wanted a ride. He walked in shorts haha, and it was like a blizzard outside… Norwegians, enough said…

It has been snowing all day today. It will keep snowing until monday morning I think!


Me and Thorsen and some other people were supposed to go skiing tomorrow but we called it off today cause it was a 2 hour delay to keystone today and I guess it will be even worse tomorrow!… Too much snoooow



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