Of course there was no Snowday, cause we live in Colorado… A snowday is when the school is closed due to too much snow! We thought we might get one today but we did not.. So we went to the busstop and the bus actually almost on time! It was freeezing outside tho!

We played Badminton in gym class which was fun! All the other classes went great too! 🙂

Basketball season is over now 😦 So after school was my first Track and Field practice!! Before that I turned in my bball uniform with Trevor! He’s gonna do Track too so that’s awesome! He’s doing jumps, like high jump, long jump, and those stuff! So I might do that too. I met the coach today and he seems really cool!


We did some running exercises and then we went in to the weight room! I actually did legs today, that was a loooong time ago haha.. We were inside in the gym for the most part cuz the track is covered with snow right now…

Cooper picked us up after and we went to get some food and then we drove to the Scout Lodge. There was a lot going on today. A court of honor where they have a lot of scouts receiving merit badges and they welcome the new scouts. After that there was an eagle ceremony. Eagle scout is like the highest rank of scout you can be and they have a ceremony if someone achieves an eagle award! 🙂 It was the same ceremony as Nathan had the first month I was here!




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