Classes went fine today! Nothing really special happened in school today except from Hug a Warrior! We are doing a game in school, exactly like killergame as we did in sweden!! You pay a dollar to participate. Yesterday I got my target. The target is one person in the school that you kill by hugging them. If you hug them, you’ll get their target. But you better watch your back so no one hugs you… The one that wins will get all the money people payed to participate 😛

After school we had Track practice! The track was covered by snow so we were in the parking lot and did some running. We did 6 x 200 meters… After that we went inside and to the weight room! We did upper body today. I’m so much more used to that than legs… Haha I’m sooo sore from yesterday’s workout…

At 6 we had our final basketball event, our banquet with all the parents and coaches and players. We got a really nice dinner catered! Then all the coaches started talking about players and their team. Each team went up in front of all the people and the coaches talked about each individual player! Four players from each team got awards. The awards were: Most improved player, MVP (most valuable player), Best defender and Heart of a Warrior which includes everything such as good friend and leadership! The players of the team voted and I got the best defender for the JV 😀 It was really fun to get that award, cause not everyone gets something 🙂


(Yes I know they spelled my name wrong, but that’s the american spelling of my name)

The dinner kept going for more than 3 hours haha… And after we were done our coach, Coach Mac, told us that we will be the last team he will coach. It was sad cause he’s really been an awesome coach 🙂 But we all wrote personal messages on his coaching whiteboard with a permanent marker so he can save it for a long time 🙂

Everyone wasn’t very happy about being there for 3 hours 😉




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