After Mcdonalds we went to school! We played Dodgeball in gym class for the first half! It’s really fun 🙂 The second half me and some friends played Basketball!

In Literature class we practiced for the upcoming PARCC test. It’s one of those standardized test that they do here!

For lunch we went out to a bagel place and we actually ate in the car haha. Cause it started snowing a lot so we didn’t wanna go out.. But after a while we had to..

After school we had practice. It was inside today, because it has been snowing all day now! We did some jumps and we ran and later we went to the weight room. After all that we voted for captains! There was like 10 people that wanted to become a team captain, so they told us about themselves and what they were gonna do for the team if they became a captain. Then we voted for 3 people!

It snowed so much so that when Jessica was gonna pick us up after practice it took her AN HOUR to drive like 5 kilometers! On the way home we picked up some food and headed home!

So we don’t get a lot of snowdays at Centaurus, which a lot of people complain about. So probably we won’t get one tomorrow even tho it snowed a lot today.. A snowday is when the school is closed because it’s too much snow outside so the busses can’t pick people up. So someone made this hilarious video about it hahah



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