Of course we didn’t get a snowday.. 😛 Everyone was so upset with our district, they got tons of complaints on Facebook and in newspapers haha.

I had a test in guitar today. You play two songs for him (notes!) in his office. And it’s so awkward when you mess up haha 😂

Later in Advisory we just watched a film about all the elective courses the juniors can choose between next year…

For lunch we went out to a Chinese restaurant! My friend Xing’s family owns it actually. It’s a family business so he works there after school and deliver food. It was really good 🙂

Track practice was in school today. Literally in school, we ran in the hallways haha. Baseball had the gym so we did the warm-ups in the hallway. We also sprinted and did some laps up the stairs and thru the whole school 😛 After that we went in the weight room for a while!

After practice me, Nathan and Cooper went to a store called JAX and then we had dinner out! We are going camping this weekend w the scouts!! Tomorrow we’re going up in the mountains and we’ll sleep in a cabin the first night. Saturday morning we will walk a couple miles and then build an igloo or more like a quinzee 😳 Saturday night we’ll sleep in it!! We’ll see how that goes! So I’ve been packing stuff all night..

So I probably won’t be able to blog for a couple days just so you knooooow!

Ciao Ciao



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