Had to wake up at 6:30 today for school! Spring break was fun but now it’s back to reality haha…

But my first day wasn’t too bad! It started out with a gym class. I went to the weight room and lifted weights cuase I need it… Haha haven’t lifted for a long time!

Guitar went great and so did all my classes! For lunch we went home to Mikey’s house to grab something and on the way back to school we stopped for ice cream cuz it was really nice wether, so hot! :))

Practice went great! But we have to wear our warm-ups, the sweatpants and jackets, during the warmup…. It doesn’t matter how warm it is, we have to wear em… Haha everybody is like boiling after the warmup…

We jumped and measured our approach and stuff today which was fun! 🙂




In the morning I talked to Cooper about their trip to Florida! It sounds amazing! He told me all about the snorkling and sailing and stuff! 😍

Later Chuck and Colleen came over to show Cooper the new car and they also wanted to hear about the trip!

I also had a quick talk with Sweden :))

Otherwise I didn’t accomplish a lot today haha… We went to Walmart tho to get some stuff but thats about it!

We took home food from a nice restaurant and had a nice talk for dinner!

Btw, Cooper’s sister Jenny met Obama a couple days ago! She had a meeting at the white house about exporting goods from the United States, that’s what she’s trying to do with her company! She runs a company that makes renewable energy generators that store solar energy!

She’s the one right next to Obama! So cool!



After breakfast me, Jessica and Rachel went over to Chuck and Colleen’s house. They bought two new cars this week haha right after we came home from Breck! A new Dodge and a new VW golf! After we checked out the cars we went down to Boulder to find a new car for Jessica!

First we went to the Toyota center and we test drove a RAV 4 which is a nice car! After that we headed over to Honda and drove a CR-V! She didn’t buy one today but she probably will pretty soon!


That was the first thing this girl did when she came into a car dealer👆….


We had dinner at Smashburger! That is like the best burger place ever, and those oreo milkshakes… Daamn😍

Later me, Thorsen, Mikey and Erin went to the trampolin place! It was so much fuunn :))


Thursday and Friday!

Thursday morning I talked to my parents in Sweden! It was a long time ago so it was funnn!

Later that day I went over to Dalton’s house down the street where Mikey now lives… He had trouble with his parents and he turned 18 so he moved in with a friend!

We picked up Robert at his house and later we went to the Rec center to play basketball! We were there for like almost three hours… But it was a lot of fun! We played a game and 1v1 and stuff 🙂

Later I just went over to Dalton’s house and stayed there for a while!


We had a Track meet yesterday! I didn’t compete cuz I didn’t feel too good the day before and I hadn’t been to any of the practices so I thought it was best to just watch and cheer on! The bus left at 1030 and the meet started at 12! It was a big meet! A lot of schools were there! I helped Iggi and some other friends to set up the high jump and stuff.

So I was just there all day and it ended at like 8:30! So I was gone for like 10 hours haha but it was fun 🙂


One of the schools’s tent flew away haha, all their stuff like clothes and other stuff flew away haha everyone laughed so hard!



So yesterday we went home! We got out of the house at like 1030 and drove home! Me and Mike and Chuck took the truck. I helped Mike to do his resume so that he can apply to a summer job this summer!

We returned his ski boots and grabbed a starbucks in Boulder!

Later we went home and chilled for a couple hours and then Chuck and Colleen took us to the airport!

Later that evening I didn’t feel very well so I went to bed early!

Tuesday! – Vail

Today we went to Vail! I’ve never been there b4!

So Chuck drove us there and we bought tickets and then started skiing! Haha the tickets are 159 dollars per day!

It was so amazing. It was huge!! The best parts were the back bowls that are on the backside of the mountain! There were no specific runs so you could ski wherever you wanted! And it snowed last night so there was some powder snow!


We had lunch at the top at a restaurant called The elks lodge! We had a really good burger :))

Later we skied on the other side of the mountain but it was impossible to ski everywhere… It’s so big!

IMG_2643 IMG_2649 IMG_2635 IMG_2632 IMG_2625 IMG_2631

After skiing we went to a starbucks and Chuck and Colleen joined us and we walked thru the town to see how it was like.

IMG_2655 IMG_2657

Later we had dinner and me and Mike went out, to downtown Breck and we both bought a new sweater! Later we hottubbed 😛



Last night we were in the hottub and watched a movie so we went to bed kinda late…


But we got up at 9ish and had a nice breakfast! We decided to wear our onesies that we bought last week! So we did!

We went out of the house and after like 10 seconds of walking a taxi car rolls down his window and says that he loved our outfit haha… And it kept going like that throughout the day haha! We got so many comments! People ask if we lost a bet and some people wanted to take pictures with us haha! It was so much fun!

IMG_2611 IMG_2610 IMG_2615

We skied all day in Breck! Later we went home and were pretty tired haha! But we hottubbed b4 dinner. It was Paella for dinner and it was amazing! Colleen made it herself and it was so good. After dinner we played Pictionary which was a lot of fun! 🙂


We woke up at like 6:30 (!!) to pack the rest of our stuff and then Chuck picked us up at 7:30. Then we headed up to Breckenridge! He drove us up early so we got one more day of skiing in and Colleen, Jessica, Rachel and Rachel’s friend Naomi came up later.

We were ready to go skiing at 10. So we took the Gondola up and started skiing! It was an amazing day! It was hot and sunny and almost no wind! So we went to the top and from there, we actually hiked the last part all the way to the peak!! It was so cool! We were on the peak of the mountain and the view from there was awesome!

IMG_2568 IMG_2566 IMG_2565 IMG_2572 IMG_2582 IMG_2584 IMG_2590

On the way down we had a break and Mike made his own chair haha:


After a while we went down to the Peak 8 base and had some fries and Coke 🙂 18 bucks for two Cokes and a pretty small size of fries hahah


The rest of the day we just skied and had a great time! Later we had a nice taco dinner and then me and Mike went to downtown Breck to check it out 😛



Saturday was a chill day! The weather was great! like 23 Celsius! 🙂

We woke up kinda late and had a nice breakfast! An hour later Chuck came and picked us up. We went to a rental place in boulder to rent skiboots for Mike! It’s like half the price down in Boulder compared to rent it up in Breck…

When we came back me and mike went outside to the park and threw some football! 🙂 We wore shorts and bro tanks and it was still kinda hot haha! So after a while we walked to the safeway and bought Ben & Jerry’s!


On the way home we met Mikey and Thorsen and those and hung out with them for a while!

Later we had dinner and we went to a party with those guys! But it was kinda weird haha


So I was off from school today! They called me in excused so I could hang out with Michael! 🙂

So after we woke up, we had some breakfast and then we walked out to the busstop! I’ve never gone on a public bus here before! But we went to boulder 🙂 We started our day at the 29th Street mall! It’s an outdoor mall in downtown Boulder!

We bought some stuff at Macy’s and other stores! We had a Starbucks in the sun. The weather was great! We both had shorts and t-shirts :))

IMG_2527 IMG_2525


We bought the same one onesies! They were so cool haha


We bought a backpack and some stuff too!

Later we walked to the Pearl street mall. It’s a shopping street like a mile away. It’s very old and beautiful! We went in to a lot of shops and stuff there too!

IMG_2544 IMG_2545

Later we took the bus home again and had dinner and watched a movie 🙂 An awesome day!