Weekend 27/2-1/3

So we skipped track last friday and Cooper picked me and Nathan up after school! We bought food to have as dinner.

We met all the guys at the Scout lodge that they have meetings at and we left almost right away. We were like 10 people from our troop. It was an hour drive there. When we came there we went in to the big main lodge. We had dinner and they taught us some important stuff! Then we went to sleep in a cabin, (not heated) so it was cold in there haha! But I only woke up like once 🙂



It was a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning! We got up at 6:30 (!!) and we packed our stuff and we had breakfast inside. It was really good food, so that we got energy for what was coming next… We got some gear assigned to us. We got mittens, an anorak and some warm stuff! We also got a pulk to put all of our stuff in. Then we pulled the pulks around a lake with snowshoes and poles!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.55.57 PM

When we got there we started digging. We got a place for the quinzee assigned to us. A quinsee is like an igloo but not the blocks of snow, it’s just like a big pile of snow! Me and Nathan were a team. We started shovel snow into a BIG pile. Once we were done w that we had lunch and had to wait for like 2 hours so the snow had enough time to pack harder so we could dig in it w/o it collapse..

After lunch we started digging in it! We first made the opening and then we had to start dig up, after that we could just start get all the snow out of it. That phase took like 3 hours!! It was not too cold during the day, around -8 C, but when you are shoveling snow that’s HOT! I was only in may base layer and skipants after a while of shoveling…

At fish we were finally done! We put all our stuff inside and tried to make it as comfortable as possible 😛

IMG_2405 IMG_2409 IMG_2408 IMG_2410

Later we had dinner and a lot of people went to bed at like 6pm… I’ve never gone to bed that early and neither had Cooper haha so we went to the stuff tent and hung out there for a while! They had a heater 😍😍 So I dried all my stuff while we were talking 😀


A lot of problems came up, one guy couldn’t sleep in his quinzee cause he got so claustrophobic! One guy got sick so they had to go back to the lodge.. So we got stuff to do. But we went to sleep at like 9 so that was still really early haha!

I woke up like once during the night, can’t believe that I always sleep so well haha it’s weird. We made breakfast and left as soon as we could. We pulled the pulks back and we hade a lecture and lunch at the lodge! 🙂

We left the camp at like 12ish and came back to town an hour later. I took a shower, the best feeling ever…

Then almost right away me and Cooper left the house again to pick up Paolo and Borja! We went to a NBA Denver Nuggets game!! It was an exchange student event. So Cooper drove us there and watched the game! It was so much fun! It was at the Pepsi Center in Denver!

We didn’t have time to eat before so we bought some food inside the center… Cooper was really nice to buy me food thruoghout the evening…. The food we bought there was ”a pizza” and drink for like 13 bucks. The pizza was ONE slice hahah, so I would have had to spend a 100 dollars to get full there.. 😂 But I didn’t 😛

The game was awesome but we lost by like 8 points.. Nuggets isn’t the best team haha but it was fun tho 🙂

FullSizeRender IMG_2425

We were still starving after the game haha so on the way home we stopped at Mcdonalds to get a MEAL not a slice for a 1000 dollars haha…

But it was an awesome weekend 🙂



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