I was up late last night due to this blog…!! Haha so didn’t get a lot of sleep and had to get up at 6 this morning!

We have a weird schedule this week and next week! The school is having PARCC tests, another test test that every grade does! The sophomores and fresh have their tests this week and we’ll have ours next! So the schedule is messed up these 2 weeks.

But all my classes went fine! First I had 1,5 hour lunch, so we went to the mall cuz Chad wanted to buy a sweater and some stuff! After that I had History and later I had another lunch…

We were practicing outside today!! There was a lot of snow on the track but we still practiced there haha 😛 Before track we got our uniforms, forgot to take a pic of em but I will later!

Here’s more pics from the weekend that Cooper sent me:

20150228_121758 20150228_150602 20150228_164512 20150301_113750 20150301_113803



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