Today my 8th period was my first class… This week is confusing! But in gym class we played basketball! It was fun!

Next in my Am lit we just watched a movie about racism. It was a really good one but have no idea what it’s called..! Before lunch was 7th period. We went to the gym again, and this time I lifted weights! And after school was Track… So 3 workouts today..!!

Today was the international Pancake day!! So for lunch we went to IHOP and they gave everyone free pancakes!! It was so good :)))

A guy from yearbook messaged me today and he wanted to interview me for the JV basketball page haha, so I got a couple questions and he took a pic of me. So I’ll be in so many pages in yearbook haha

It was snowing today, so we were inside for Track! We did all the warm-ups and some drills and after a while we went in to the weight room… So yes, I’ve been working out today..!

After track we went to a store that sells running shoes! They had a ”spike night” and everyone from centaurus got pizza and 20% off on all the shoes! So I bought a pair of spikes that I need! They are actually pretty cool 😛

IMG_0480 IMG_0481

Cooper bought me these awesome socks!



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