This day was also very weird… Started w my 4th period, history. After that it was 5th followed by 6th. I got both of those off so I had 2 hours ”lunch” in the morning. I was just in school and talked to different people!

After my 2 hour break I had Health. We went down to the gym again and I went in to the weight room! Then after that I had my third lunch hour… 😂 It was an ”all student lunch” so we went out for Smashburger! They make really good burgers 😏

It was snowing today, so Track was indoor! We did some drills and weights and stuff! I was so sore in my core from yesterday, and we did core the last 15 minutes of practice…. Did NOT feel very good, it hurt as ******… 🙂

Tomorrow morning I have a class performance in Guitar..!!



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